Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Brilliant Idea

I forgot about one of my good ideas this year! I was lucky enough to get some money donated to my program. My first instinct was to get something to help with clay presentation. I found these great phone/tablet stands on eBay. A two pack was only 99 cents! I purchased enough for one grade level to be displayed at a time. They work awesome!

They fold up so that they don't take up much space while not in use and it makes them super flexible for slab style projects of many sizes!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Brilliant Ideas of the Year

Every now and then I have an idea that transforms my teaching and/or organization. This year I actually had a couple of them, although I can't take credit for one of these ideas.

1. While in college I spent some time as a server at a couple of different restaurants. We used a product called a Ketchup Coupler to combine the ketchup in the bottles to reduce waste. Hello, paint jugs! Now, this doesn't work quite as beatifully as I imagined because the top of the bottle is a bit larger than a ketchup bottle, but it does work and has already saved me some paint. I got mine as a two pack online for less than $15 (I don't remember exactly). 

2. We have a new art teacher this year, whom I get to mentor. She has a broad background and extensive knowledge in ceramics. She told me that there is a type of underglaze that DOESN'T stick to the kiln! It's called velvet underglaze, and it isn't glossy when fired. My mind is blown, and I now have a pint of black velvet underglaze that I use to paint students' names on the bottom of their projects. No more trying to read carved names!