Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fish Reduction Prints

Fourth grade is about to start their printmaking project. I am going to try reduction printing for the first time. I took photos of my process, intending to create a storyboard for the project before I purchased Camtasia and started making videos. With my full load, I wasn't able to find time to make a video, so I used the photos for a slideshow style video of the process. I still don't have my microphone working, so I plan on narrating in person with this video to show the kids how to create their prints. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Japanese Koinobori

I have done a Koinobori project in the past, with 4th grade using SmartFab and lino cut blocks as scales, but this time my first graders are learning about this Japanese tradition. I purchased some pre cut "Carp Windsocks" made of diffusing paper from School Specialty. Here is my demo video, which I will use with the kids starting tomorrow. I pause my videos a lot and add narration over the music (at least until the fab IT guys can figure out what is wrong with my internal microphone).