Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Have you ever found a great idea online and thought "I've got to do that sometime!" Finally the time rolls around when there is time to do the project, and you can't find the post!? I hate that! I have found the perfect solution~Tumblr.

I have spent the summer exploring the aspects of Tumblr. It is wonderful! It is almost a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and public Bookmarks. I like it so much that I have now made an account for my professional life in addition to the one I have for personal use. When I opened my account, I went to the "Goodies" section where they have a "Share on Tumblr" button for my toolbar. Now, as I am surfing the internet whenever I find something I want to remember I simply click on the button. I save everything as a photo, that way when I want to go back and find something it is easy to scan the archives for the photo I'm looking for and find the link to the original post. You can also follow other people, and see their posts on your dashboard. If you see something you like on their site you can click on "reblog" to easily put it on you account too. In addition to all this, you can have your blog automatically post to your account and you can have your Tumblr posts automatically post to Twitter and Facebook. If you want more information about how to start an account in addition to going to Tumblr you can check this post that got me interested in the site.

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kszwahl said...

Glad to see you back!
You were mentioned on my blog site today!