Friday, January 7, 2011

Art Room Funnies

My second graders are working on drawing "undiscovered" rainforest birds, similar to the birds in Denise Logan's Dynamic Art Projects for Children. They just started this week, but I'll be sure to post pictures when we're done. When we start, I ask the kids what they already know about rainforest birds to establish that they have lots of bright colors and are many sizes. We talk about exploring and I remind them that it is possible there are species out there that we have not discovered yet. Then I tell them we are going to draw an "undiscovered" rainforest bird, and I don't want any of them trying to draw a specific bird, such as a Toucan. We the proceed to the guided drawing portion of the lesson. While drawing yesterday a little girl looked up at me with excitement in her eyes and exclaimed, "I already have a name for my bird. It's a THREEcan!"

Later, as I was showing them ideas for the eye I made an "angry eye" for one of the examples on my board. A girl at a close table started giggling and said quietly, "It's just like my dad, when he's playing Wii!"

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