Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Supplies

I've been having supply issues lately. Primarily in the glue and pencil department. My glue bottle are all clogged up and even after unclogging them for classes over and over, they keep getting clogged by the start of the next class. I tried using small squeeze bottles that have larger holes in the tips, but those still got clogged, and the kids lost the tiny little caps. I resorted to buying some new bottles, and went with Crayola School Glue this time. I used it in my previous school and really like it. The only drawback of this glue is that it doesn't come in gallon size to refill them later. Which is a bummer, because it's thicker than Elmer's, but not as thick as Tacky Glue. The caps have a plastic piece that goes into the bottle to avoid clogging, and the bottles even have a nifty way of hanging the cap so the kids don't lose them.

To solve my pencil issues, I got new hand sharpeners. I LOVE them. I found them in School Specialty's adapted catalog-which confuses me a bit, as they are great for non-special needs kids too. They have a little button on them that pops up when the pencil is sharp! No more over sharpening! The kids love them, and are completely amazed when the botton pops and the pencil really is sharp.


Lori- said...

Love to hear about new things! Thanks!

Phyl said...

I'll have to look for those sharpeners - I'm finishing my orders right now for next year.

I used that glue once, and I liked it for a while and then it got me REALLY frustrated, because I couldn't get the glue out of the bottles after they were half empty. We tried storing them upside down and eventually I gave up and tossed them out.

Anonymous said...

I've tried that glue and I was happy with it for the most part. I have also tried tap and glue (lets out one little dot when you push) and that works well, too for the little ones.

The BEST solution I have found to keeping glue in the regular elmers bottles is assigned to winding down and wiping off the tops at the end of the class. this is the number one clog preventer. If I keep in this routine, they last longer before clogs.

Like my blog says "one clogged glue bottle at a time".. always an issue. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Balsley