Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kumihimo Weaving

While attending our local Art Fair this fall I talked with a fiber artist that was selling pocket looms to create Kumihimo Weavings. I had never heard of them, so I looked them up and it is a Japanese style of weaving. I found some videos online and there are many sizes of looms and they can be created with many different numbers of strings. You can use embroidery floss, yarn, ribbons, or even beaded strings to create these.

My third graders used Foamies to create their pocket looms and then embroidery floss for the actual weavings. It is such a hit, even kids that don't put a lot of effort into art have been asking to bring them home to work on them more! Some kids have finished, and within two days approached me to show me more weavings they've made on their looms since bringing it home. One teacher even told me she's noticed kids in her class have started making friendship bracelets since we started this project.

 Many kids made theirs long enough to go around their wrists twice.

This student loved the process so much she made a cardboard loom at home and completed that weaving before the one she made in class!

Some students got more creative with where to display their weavings.

I created a stop motion video on the whole process. I highly recommend this project for your students!


Nancie Kay said...

I've been doing kumihimo braiding for a few years now with my 4th graders. Once they master the movements they can't seem to stop! I heard one exclaim "This is addictive!"
I've created some entrepreneurs who started selling bracelets to friends & family. Selling small amounts of yarn or ribbon to students for bracelets or keychains has generated hundreds of $$ for my art program!
I've enjoyed looking at your results - stop by my blog handsheadnheart@blogspot if you'd like to see some of our efforts!
I highly recommend the book "Braids: 250 patterns from Japan, Peru & Beyond" for variations on looms & color combinations. Happy braiding...

Mrs Campbell said...

This is really great! I have been looking for weaving projects to inspire my classes with - this looks like just the thing