Monday, September 15, 2014

Clay Babushka Dolls

I started working through the process of creating clay Babushka (Nesting) dolls today. I'm thinking maybe 4th or 5th grade would like them. To make them elementary-friendly, I used pinch pots and attached them together to make the form.

Holes in the bottom for air flow, then they are scored and slipped together. 

Smoothing them together.

To begin, I added a hole on top and a third pinch pot for the head. 

She looked like this and I was unhappy with it. While the kids watched the flying to Russia video, I was looking at it and decided that it would look more authentic without the third pot as a head. I hated the ridge that the two pots created and decided to use it to my advantage...

I took off the top pot and pressed the ridge farther in. I'm still not thrilled with it, but am hoping that with the painting added to it I'll be more excited about it. 

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