Thursday, August 13, 2015


I am extremely excited to be exploring Africa with my students this year. I have been researching different tribes of some of the countries and have a few things planned out but still have a lot of research ahead of me. 

From DR Congo:
These cloths will make an excellent Kindergarten lesson on line.

Students will have a lot of fun learning about portraiture and 3D artwork with African maskmaking.


Lessons about Egypt are plenty! I hope to make clay beetles with Kindergarten, Sarcophagus lessons, and of course a Pharaoh headdress!

I have an idea of using plastic canvas and yarn to create mini versions of these beautiful baskets. I haven't tried it yet, but my mind is really going on this one!

I found this student version of a traditional Kenyan necklace on Pinterest. It's made with cording and embroidery floss, and I think my 4th graders will love it!

Mudcloth of Mail will make for an amazing printmaking project.


Morocco has so many amazing styles of art! I am thinking about a printmaking project using their Islamic patterns by carving into an eraser and repeating the print multiple times.

Such gorgeous scenery! Throughout the year I will be teaching about animals that live in Africa that we would never see wild in Wisconsin. I plan on using "Giraffes Can't Dance" to inspire young-1st or 2nd- artists.

 South Africa
I'm still considering what we could do here. Perhaps paper mache spheres in 1st or 2nd grade.

Edward Said Tingatinga is a famous artist from Tanzania that inspired the Disney show, "Tinga Tinga Tales." His artwork will be beautiful with a combination of watercolor and drawing. I actually taught his style to 3rd graders a few years ago using crayon resist and watercolor wash. Most of them turned out amazing.

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Mrs. Kasper said...

I am also doing Africa, but I teach High School! We are starting with bogolanfini!
So excited to follow your African journey this year!