Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ton Schulten Cityscapes-Third Grade

I stumbled upon this great lesson on Pinterest, which lead to this blog post and introduced me to Dutch artist Ton Schulten. I created this presentation about Schulten, which also introduces geometric and organic shapes, and warm and cool colors. 

Students started by using a ruler to create the buildings. They then created the grid in the sky. We reviewed warm and cool colors and tints and shades. I demonstrated how to mix colors cleanly and passes out the warm colors. Students chose if they wanted to use the warm colors in their sky or buildings and mixes as many tints and shades as they could.

After a couple of classes they finished the warm colors and were given cool colors to repeat the steps with the other half of the painting. 

The final touches came with black paint outlines around the buildings and the addition of details such as windows, doors, birds, clock towers, etc.

Over all these turned out amazing! Oh, and the kids learned a lot. ;)

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