Thursday, April 29, 2010

Completed Clay Samples

After counting out the days that I have left with each of my fifth grade classes, I realized I'd better get moving on clay! One class started these Big Mouths this week (they will be missing two art classes due to various events), and I am very excited about their creativity. One girl is making a "crabapple." It has angry looking eyes, a stem, and leaf. It's completely adorable!

I think the clay ladybug turned out exceptionally cute! I used watercolors to paint the bug. I had to use many layers to get a dark color. The spots are Sharpie, as I thought the watercolor would bleed too much and frustrate the students.

Rear view, with wax paper wings.

A few of my first graders saw this owl as I was putting it on the shelf, and asked who gets to make them. They were almost jumping up and down with excitement when I said "You!"

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