Friday, April 16, 2010

Found Art Mosaic

My school district has been saving bottle caps all year for one of many recycling projects. Milk caps, hairspray caps, shaving cream, you name it. All plastic caps have been accumulating in each building. One of my schools has a plethora and they are actually becoming a bit of a burden because we aren't sure what to do with them (and they are in the hallway where I am hoping to hang my art show next week). My principal and I were talking about them, and the main plan was to send them to Aveda, which uses them to make their product's bottles. We decided we needed a backup plan, since they are getting a little out of control. Our Media Aide found a website using bottle caps to make garden art and murals, which really got my brain moving! I have approached the same principal about using this idea, but expanding it-to old art/school supplies! Imagine-butterflies out of markers, eraser trees, crayon sunsets! I am really excited about the possibilities and my first step was to create a list of items to send home with all the kids, asking them to save some of the things they would otherwise throw away. I'm hoping when I come in the first week of school next year, there will be a big pile of old supplies so I can design a beautiful mosaic to do with the kids!

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Katie Morris said...

Bottle caps are one of the many items I've been collecting! I'm planning to do some recycled relief sculptures next fall so I figured I should start collecting early!