Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Artsonia Classroom

Have you tried Artsonia Classroom yet? I have been using it with my third through fifth graders and I love it!
With the coming implementation of Common Core State Standards, I have been integrating more and more writing into my curriculum. Projects, Pre-project work, and assessment can all include writing in some form. Artsonia Classroom makes it easy to not only add writing into the assessment process, but teach about Artist Statements and assess if the kids actually understood what I was trying to teach them. As an added benefit, students can upload their own artwork AND their artist statement will be published with their artwork for all to see their writing! The process requires a lot of steps, but is very easy to use. My students have had very little questions, after watching me go through it on the SmartBoard. I have created a how-to for both the computer and the iPad and posted them here for all of your classrooms as well. I'll post a few screen shots here, so you can see what it's like. On my actual documents, I added arrows to show the students which buttons I am referring to.

Uploading using an iPad  Please note, I access Artsonia Classroom through the free QR Reader app

Uploading using a computer: Please note, if the artwork is not already published, you or the artist will need to take a digital photo of the work and have access to it.

I have three laptops and one computer in my classrooms, which I carry from school to school for this purpose. I also have a class set of iPads at each school and try to borrow 3-5 for my third through fifth grade students when they are available. I also have two binders at each school that have printouts of both of the how-to guides above and all the QR codes, sorted by grade level. I have in/out boxes in my classroom and when a student finishes their artwork they are instructed to put it in their grade level IN box and take a rubric from the OUT box. The rubric asks questions about the project and is designed to help the students form complete sentences to then type in as their Artist Statement. For example, my fifth graders just learned about the Principle of Art, Emphasis by creating Zentangles with emphasis and then using the Color Effects App to show emphasis in a landscape image. Their rubric asked 1. What is Emphasis, 2. How did you used Emphasis in your project? (Here's their gallery) The best part? Their writing gets sent to me to review before being posted. I have to approve their editing of their artwork AND their writing before it is posted. This allows me to read what they wrote, grade it, approve it, and add their grade to my grade book all with a few mouse clicks! Simplicity at it's best-while integrating writing AND technology! This seriously makes me feel like an awesome teacher. 


Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

Love this idea! I don't have ANY computers or laptops in my room : (. We do have an iPad cart, but for now I'm having a difficult time finding when I can do this... if I sign out the computer lab, it gets tricky because all my students don't finish at the same time and then there's a lot of "dead" time waiting for everyone to finish so we can go to the lab together. The same kind of goes for if I sign out the ipad cart. It's so much more convenient for students to do this on their own pace rather than making everyone do it at the same time (especially when we get into the fact that some students are slower on computers than others!)

Jodi Youngman said...

Yes, I agree, there are lots of challenges with every new thing we try. I am lucky that we have laptops. We got new ones a couple years ago but were allowed to also keep our old ones, so I got two. One of my schools decided to disband their "Computers on Wheels" lab and offered them to teachers, so I nabbed a third that way. I used budget money and Artsonia money from both my schools to tally up enough for an iPad and even then had to ask my principal if she'd chip in for the Apple Care (our district won't buy them without buying Apple Care). Could you have a website or art game that the kids can work on when they are done typing? For example, if you went to the lab the kids that finish first could go to the Keith Haring website and plan out a project on Haring while the slower workers finish up? I have a lot of art based games on my class web page, if you are interested in exploring that option.