Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Name Fish

I haven't done this project for a couple of years, and with a sub coming in this week Thursday and Friday so I can go to the Wisconsin Art Education Association Fall Conference and again on Tuesday because my district has a fine arts expert coming in to teach us how to write effective SLOs, I decided I needed a tried and true lesson that the kids enjoy. I like to have video intro/demos, especially when I have subs so I feel like I'm there even when I'm not-our counselor jokes that I'm working myself out of a job. I designed this video to be paused after drawing the basic fish and again after adding their names with bubble letters. I'm hoping it will make my subs' lives easier. I also had a student request that I put my videos on YouTube so she can do the projects at home! How convenient that one of the WAEA sessions I am attending is for flipped classrooms! Here's the video I created using PhotoStory3 and Camtasia with music from Soundzabound.

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