Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Color Wheel Spirals

I got the idea for this project from a former colleague. Her gallery is here. I love the color wheel, but realize that not all people do. I love that this project allows for students to mix their own secondary colors but isn't a boring, generic color wheel. I also love adding the iPad step at the end to add interest for students that might not have been excited about the painting step. 

Here is the video I created using a free trial version of Camtasia. I love Camtasia. If I was in the market for a $300 software, it would be Camtasia. However, I'm not, so now I'm experimenting with iMovie-which is free-much more my price range!

I am doing this project with 4th graders, and they are looking great so far. A couple of classes are done or nearly done painting and will start Sharpie next class. My other school will be starting these next week. 

Completed painting.

This and the following photos are after using the Percolator App.

Student work in progress.


Miss said...

Love this- such an original take on color mixing/color wheel. The ipad addition is great as well- thanks for sharing and love the video!

K Hyman said...

What a clever idea. These turned out gorgeous.

Kim@Art on my Hands

Anonymous said...

What program did you use on the Ipad to manipulate the colors?

Jodi Youngman said...

We used Percolator.