Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Picasso's Blue Portraits

I am starting a new project with my second graders soon. I decided to use a presentation App on my iPad called Flowboard to introduce the lesson. Here is the intro, and I will post about the project once we get started. Here's the link to the Picasso Flowboard.

View on Flowboard - Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad

CREDIT: The portrait template on the last slide was created by Tricia Fuglestad. I received it when I purchased the eBook for her Master Class at Education Closet.


K Hyman said...

Can't view it. I am really interested because I was looking into Picasso's Blue period all weekend for a supplement to a project I am doing on color and mood with 2nd grade. What am I doing wrong?

Kim @ Art on my Hands

Jodi Youngman said...

Sorry about that! It's my first time using Flowboard and I accidentally set it to private! I fixed it, but couldn't get it to link to the photo so I added a link at the bottom of the paragraph.

Brent Brookler said...

Great work Jodi! I'm Brent with Flowboard. We'd love to see what else you create with Flowboard.

Jodi Youngman said...

Thanks, Brent! I am a novice for sure, but really love how easy and quick it is to make a nice presentation on Flowboard. My favorite feature is being able to search images in app instead of having to seach, save, and load each image. With 670 students and 6 grade levels to prepare for, that helps me so much!