Monday, October 6, 2014

Classroom Signs

I have had several teachers interested in different signs they have seen in my classroom, usually in the background of photos I've posted here or on my class Facebook pages. Always one to help out, I've created a Google Docs folder for them and opened it to anyone with the link to view it. I'll keep putting files there-they are typically just downloaded from the internet or compiled by me, so they are usually 8.5X11" signs. The photos of this post are examples of what you'll find there. Enjoy!


Sara Allen said...

Thanks Jodi! These are great!

Doodle All Day said...

Did you create the Ninja rules poster? That is awesome!
Lee Darter

Jodi Youngman said...

No, I did not create it, I think I found it under Google Images for Art Classroom Rules. The kids loved it though, they tried to sneak in the classroom without me noticing like real ninjas.