Friday, October 3, 2014

iDoceo 3 Revisited

I recently reviewed an App called iDoceo 3, which is used for managing the plethora of paperwork a teacher has to do each year (day, or even hour!). My favorite feature is the calendar/planner, which allows users to set any type of class cycle. It's the first program I have found that works flawlessly with my district's crazy six day cycle. 

One feature I forgot to mention is that it is password protected. I love this too, as the app contains all my students' photos and grades and, now, I discovered, even photos of projects and assessments! This newly discovered feature is why I am revisiting iDoceo for you today.

This is a sample class, just to show you how to add photos. I have been dabbling with Three Ring lately, but this feature makes that app unneeded, which I am grateful for, as I was having troubles figuring it out completely! From the screen above, the user would tap the three vertical line with a + on the top right to create a new project! assessment, or student task. The pop up below will appear.

Name the new item. You can add other parameters, and color code it if needed.

Next, double tap the box in the new column next to the student's name to get the pop up pictured above. I haven't used any of the icons yet, but you can add up to four for each project, plus a grade. To add a photo, tap the speech bubble on the top left of the menu.

From here, you can send this to parents, students, or both or add an attachment. I teach elementary, so I'm not emailing anyone their grades. However, the attachment feature is where I add photos.

Look at all the things you can attach! Video or audio of kids taking a about their art! Photos of projects, assessment, or the process! A URL-link to Artsonia anyone? Or a file of their artist statement for the project! Talk about documentation for that SLO! 

Here, I selected a random photo, tap DONE next.

The user can add ag get rade and/or icons for record keeping, then tap DONE again to save the new records.

That's it! The small black triangle in the right corner of the grade box shows that there is an attachment for that project.

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