Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spin Painting

A friend of mine found a magazine article on how to create your own paint spinner using a salad spinner. I am thinking about using five different non-traditional painting techniques and having stations at each of my art tables. I'd use two art classes and rotate the children through all the stations so that at the end of the two sessions they would have five unique paintings. I think I'd then have them create some type of collage work of art using all five. Obviously, I haven't worked out all of the kinks, but this is one of the techniques I may use in addition to paint scrappers, marble painting, watercolor wands, and rollers. Here's how to do the spin painting:

I started by tracing the bottom of the inner part of the salad spinner onto paper. The article actually suggests creating a cardboard bottom and using a pushpin to secure the paper to the spinner but I though that with repeated use the hole would get too big and it wouldn't work. I used computer paper and Scotch tape to tape it in the center. When I cut the circles out, I cut a little bit inside of my traced line to make then slightly smaller than the spinner.

Add paint to the center of the circle.

Close up the spinner and spin as much as you want.


This was my first attempt. I didn't attach the paper to the spinner, and while it was spinning it folded up. It still turned out ok, but the next one was attached and turned out better. I think with heavier paper-perhaps tagboard or watercolor paper-this technique could be beautiful.

First attempt

Second attempt

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