Monday, May 3, 2010

Tree of Life

I really like Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life painting. I recently found TeachKidsArt's version of this project and really like it. However, I want to do something a little more in-depth with the children too. So, I created the following examples today with Sargent Metallic Acrylic paint and Sharpies (for the leaves and bird). I think the kids are going to enjoy this quick painting project and if we have time (field trips keep popping up-gotta love spring!), we will also do the scuplture version on the last day of art so they can bring them home to grow the grass.

I used manilla tagboard that was donated to our district and started with a light yellow tempera wash using lots of water to give them the nice tone for the background. The ground is copper, and the trees are gold and antique gold. Once it dried I added the Sharpie details. Quick, but nice results. I hope to do this with my second graders.

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