Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bubble Paintings

This cycle our CID project was Bubble Painting. Most of the kids did really well with it. We did have some sucking on the straw instead of blowing, but that usually didn't happen more than once! To do this, mix water, liquid soap, and food coloring in a bowl. We really like the neon food coloring for extra vibrant colors (found at WalMart). Students blow into the mixture with a straw until the bubbles are overflowing the bowl.

Then they simply lay their paper over the bubbles, popping the bubbles and leaving a print where the bubble popped. Layering the colors makes for a beautiful pastel image.

Evidence of a fun and successful art project!

A few completed masterpieces. To see them all, check Willow River's Artsonia site on the right.
(I uploaded them this morning, so they might not be up until tomorrow.)

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barbara's thought of the day said...

those look pretty jodi. They remind me of jellyfish.