Monday, April 11, 2011

Sophie Baugas

I discovered Sophie Baugas' Kissing Cows through a teacher on Artsonia a few years ago. Periodically I'll go online and search Baugas, but this is always the only image that I can find. I am very curious about her-mostly from the lack of information available to me. The teacher on Artsonia did a chalk drawing of this image, showing the kids just one shape at a time until they discovered they were cows at the end. I decided to try this technique with my third graders. I put her image on my SmartBoard before the kids came in, and put the "spotlight" feature on the left cow's nose. I demonstrated how big to draw each shape on the whiteboard, and instructed the kids to follow along so their final image wasn't too small or too big for the paper. They had a very hard time with this, but we stuck it out. At the end, I revealed the image and got a lot of "Oooooh, it's cows. Can I start over?" I did allow them to start over, and they were much happier with their artwork. I think I'll skip the mystery with the next class. They are coloring them with oil pastels, and have been instructed to color all the white first, then the red, and the black last. They are cute so far, and I'll be sure to post the results.

Sophie Baugas' Kissing Cows

My sample of the project-students get to pick from pink, chartreuse, turquoise, or purple paper for the background.


sanosal said...
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Mr. R said...

These are Sweet looking..I just got done doing Texture Cows with my K's