Monday, April 11, 2011

Willow River Art Show

Fourth grade's Hawaiian dancers.

Local amateur and professional artists submitted artwork for the silent auction.

Third grade paper mache fish and first grade paper pulp turtles.

Fish, sandcastles, and turtles by third, second, and first grades.

Kindergarten Mr. Seahorse.

Second grade sandcastles, and third grade paper mache fish were on the shelves in the atrium.

Fifth grade Heather Brown landscapes, Kindergarten Mr. Seahorse, fourth grade Hawaiian dancers.

CID Jellyfish.

Closeup of some third grade paper mache fish.

As the show started, the first few kids performing.

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sanosal said...

I love the tropical theme of your art show - great idea! I really do hope you are going to post more images of your students work. I would especially love to see the Hawaiian landscapes your 5th graders did. I have a couple of originals by Heather Brown that we picked up on a recent trip to Hawaii. Just thought it was cool that you used her as inspiration!