Monday, May 23, 2011

Kindergarten Monoprints

Today in Kindergarten we made monoprints. As I was explaining what printmaking is a little boy rose his hand and said "So it's kind of like a printer? It puts the picture on the paper?"


We used plastic inking trays as our plates and painted with Tempera paint. I let them use some comb like tools that were left here from the previous teacher to make patterns and designs in the paint before putting their paper on the top and pressing it onto the paint to make their image. I asked the children to make at least two prints before cleaning up, but many of them made up to five of them!

Painting the plate.

Making lines in the paint.

Paper is placed on the paint.

Press the paper down all over.

Pull the paper off to reveal the masterpiece!

I plan on using this technique with my kids over the summer, using a cookie sheet and Q-Tips.

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