Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silk Hoops

I love this project. Honestly, the hardest part about it is deciding on subject matter. Everything turns out great. I've done under the sea, jungle, radial imagery, and now music. We went with music this year to go along with our Young Author's Day, which is tomorrow and a big deal around here. The kids wrote books that are displayed in the Media Center, and will be doing workshops with professionals throughout the day tomorrow. These are hanging in the windows of the Media Center, which also over look the Atrium.

If you haven't tried this project, it is sold as a class set with 30 hoops, dyes, resist, paint brushes, and eye droppers through School Specialty. I'm sure other companies sell it too, but I do most of my ordering through SS. I created a design sheet by tracing a hoop on an 11" X 17" paper. I instruct the kids to fill the space, and not get too detailed. They trace their design with Sharpie, so they can see through the silk to the design and then trace it onto the silk with resist. Next class, add the dyes, final class take off the resist. You just need to soak it in hot water and rub a little to get it off. Once you try it, you will be hooked!


Phyl said...

Lovely. How expensive? For a grade level, I'd need to have 2 kits.

Jodi said...

The kit is around $70, I think. Then you can get the hoops in packages of 30. I get one kit and two packages of 30 for my three classes. The kit tends to last me two school years and I just have to get more hoops. I give the kids the dyes in 1 ounch portion cups in an egg carton so I can control how much they get and avoid spills. The brushes it comes with are bamboo brushes, and the bristles are terrible. Honestly, I throw those away!