Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh No

I had one of those moments today. The wonderful anticipation of opening the kiln, to find every. single. project. exploded.


Now, what to do with those cute little kindergarteners that have been anxiously anticipating painting those little clay ducks?

Make new birds, of course! However, with only three art classes left, I knew that we'd have the same results if we tried clay again. It's just too humid in my classroom for those little quackers to dry enough for firing.

So we reviewed color mixing.

And used up some two year old Model Magic.

Each table got individual sized packages of Model Magic in white, red, yellow, and blue.

Students mixed secondary colors when needed and created a bird of their choice.

Then I told them that Model Magic doesn't keep, so they would just have to make more sculptures and use it all up!

They were happy to oblige.


Nancie Kay said...

I once opened my kiln to find everything melted - it was on all weekend because the kiln sitter failed! I feel your pain...

I've had success with drying clay quicker by using ventilated trays - those big bread trays that are probably stacked behind your cafeteria. I've accumulated mine 'legally' and it has made a HUGE difference in drying time. It also helps that my kiln room is large enough that I can put greenware on the shelves in there while firing the kiln & the resulting warmth dries out the greenware sooner too.

Carrie said...

It happened to me, once, only it was first grade frogs in the kiln. It was in April, so we had enough times to make new. This year I have resorted to Model Magic with my kinders and grade one, but I'm frustrated at how easily the Model Magic can break when dry.

Maybe I should just do the clay projects earlier in the year!

Love your blog :)

Becca Ruth said...

You need to visit this link: www.theclaylady.com. I have used her materials and techniques for 3 years. No bisque firing, and no blow ups. It's great!!

Rina said...

I had the same situation three years ago - all the kinder handprints blew up. I fired my skutt electric kiln at cone 04, on MED speed.

Now I always fire on the SLOW speed. I haven't had any blow ups. I even fired wet clay this way.