Sunday, February 16, 2014

By Local

It's Art Show season! This year is my school's TENTH annual Music and Art Show-so I decided to go BIG. We are always trying to get the show more community involvement, so this year I asked a different local artist to come in and work with each age group. This hereby begins my mini-series on our show. I'll have a conclusion after the show, to showcase how it went. If you want to see more about the show and our work leading up to it, like our Facebook page. I am allowed to post more there than I am here. Here's a quick preview of the artists featured: 

Kindergartners worked with Audrey Martin, acrylic artist. Here is an iMovie of their completed birch tree paintings.

First graders are working with Rachel Navaro, who owns and operates The Create Space here in town. They are making African masks out of a milk jug cut vertically. One class is done, a second is close. I will be posting more about them when they are all finished. 
Second graders are working with Genie Castro, a printmaker. Genie had plexi plates made and we are using the printing presses that our parent group bought us last spring with the Dick Blick Art Room Aide matching funds program to create monoprints. Both of my schools purchased one press for me, and I brought them both to one school to work with Genie. When we are finished, I plan on bringing both to my other school to do this as well. I have a student teacher, so we can each man a press. Students are making two prints and we haven't determined how we will display them yet. 
Third graders worked with Emily Steffen, photographer. Their project is completed, minus the printing and displaying. I can't post the iMovies here, as they have images of the kids in some of them. The iMovies are posted on the Facebook page linked above if you are interested in seeing them. Emily showed the kids how she tells a story of the wedding day through her images, down to the tiniest detail. We split the classes up into three groups and one went with Emily, one with my student teacher, and one with me. Each group focused on a different part of their school day; morning, recess, and afternoon. They are awesome! 
Fourth graders will be working with Megan Gaworecki, who is a jack of all trades. They will be manipulating vintage photos of our city. They start next week. 
Fifth graders are making mini tee pees based on Dakota Indian traditions with Heidi Sime. One class has met with Heidi so far, and I am really excited to see how these turn out! 

Stay tuned for more info, photos, and iMovies of each grade level's work with our local artists!